Hosting Overview

InfoTeam is pleased to offer standard hosting packages for Joomla based websites.  InfoTeam has been in the hosting business since 1996 and offers a superb level of service and support to its clients.  InfoTeam is proud to offer these hosting packages to our members and clients through our Joomla Coaching Community.

Standard Hosting Overview

General Information

  • Comparable data transfer and disk space to other hosting providers.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Outstanding technical support with defined levels of support so you know what to expect

Server Information

  • Joomla hosting is done on servers that are optimized to run Joomla.
  • Clustered Server Environment with key server types on their own server.
  • Access to our H-Sphere iN-Command control panel so you can manage your account and resources easily.

Pricing Information

  • Plans start at just $17/mont.
  • 6 echelons/levels of service.
  • Ability to move your plan up during a month if you find you may exceed your quotas or find you need more resources.