Who is Joomla Coaching?

Joomla Coaching is your resource for all things Joomla. Our organization was founded on the idea that not everyone can know all aspects of a product. To that end, Joomla Coaching looks for and brings in talent that allows us to cover as much of the product as possible.

Our idea is that a successful team has to have a good coach. In our case, we wanted to have more than one. We look for people that are talented in many different aspects of Joomla, web development, programming, marketing, copy writing, and other areas of the web experience. We feel that our coaches will be able to provide a good knowledgebase to our Joomla Coaching members, as well as providing other custom services to assist our members and hosting clients to put out the best web presence for their company.

poweredbyJoomla Coaching is a project of InfoTeam Corporation, a Web Development and Hosting company since 1996. InfoTeam continues to provide public service through the ongoing support of nonprofit organizations, providing free and discounted hosting services to nonprofits in nearly every state.

Backed by the knowledge and expertise of InfoTeam, our coaches, and our team of Internet experts, Joomla Coaching is positioned to provide the Joomla community with top quality design, development, hosting, and training.