Our Instructors

InfoTeam and Joomla Coaching Club are proud to employ and partner with many different instructors to present webinars that enrich, enhance, and extend the knowledge of our clients, our members, and the public at large in topics both pertinent and important in the Joomla Community. We've got some of the industry leaders in their areas of expertise delivering webinars at our Joomla Coaching Club.

Come join our instructors as they give these webinars for the Joomla Coaching Club and learn from some of the best talent in the industry!

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Staff Instructors

Ellen K. Martin
Joomla Basics: Introduction to Joomla

Community Instructors

Tom Canavan Courses:
11.5 Steps to Architecting a Joomla Site
Avery Cohen Courses:
Search Engine Optimization for Joomla
Merav Knafo
Usability Testing For Business ROI